The Roxey Ballet

MISSION: Roxey Ballet is a world-class, all-inclusive contemporary ballet company that uses dance to build community and cultural bridges. The company maintains a full schedule of local, national, and international touring. Roxey Ballet was incorporated in 1995 as a New Jersey non-profit organization whose mission is to deliver artistic and cultural excellence through professional dance performances, residencies, educational programs, workshops, and master classes. The company takes pride in its multicultural and all-inclusive organization, fostering a creative environment of growth for all.
The Roxey Ballet makes every effort to be totally accessible physically and programmatically. We welcome and educate artists with disabilities, cultural diversity, of varying genders and promote equality for their greater fulfillment and experience. We come from diversity and are proud of our commitment to equity and inclusion. As artists and arts educators we communicate empathy, respect, and cultural diversity through our art form and in our everyday activities. We provide a safe space for learning, creating, sharing, and collaborating. For 27 years this has been our purpose and it will persevere as we move forward. Our unique and diverse works are inspirational to audiences and artists alike. Access to high-quality dance performance and education is paramount.