Readington Museums

The Readington Museums (Bouman-Stickney Farmstead, Cold Brook School, Eversole-Hall House, and Taylor’s Mill) were established to promote an understanding and appreciation of Readington’s history and culture through education, research, preservation, collection, and interpretation. The properties constituting the Museums are intended to be utilized as educational living history experiences for the community; to provide an appropriate setting for interpreting and preserving collections of artifacts relating to the history of the Township; and to offer an historic venue for a broad range of activities for Readington residents, such as educational programs, community cultural events and meetings of groups interested in local history.

The Readington Township Museum Committee was established by resolution of the Readington Township Committee to oversee, manage and direct the development and utilization of the buildings and properties associated with the Bouman-Stickney Farmstead, the Eversole-Hall House, the Cold Brook School, Taylors Mill and future acquisitions of historic significance, collectively referred to as ‘the Museums’. The Committee is responsible for all aspects of the administration of the Museums and their appurtenances, including: establishing policies that govern use and operation; planning, approving and coordinating programs; establishing budgets and managing finances; determining long range plans; directing the operation and maintenance of museum properties. The Readington Museums Committee strives to meet its mission through a variety of programming and community activities including: Partners in History school programs, Monday Mornings at the Museum, Open House Sundays, Friday Night Lecture Series, hands-on history classes, community functions and exhibits. All programs are intended to embrace a wide range of interests and are specifically designed to attract different age and gender groups, as well as tactile, auditory, and visual learners. More specifically, the Committee offers high quality educational programs for both school children and the general public. For students, we hold our Partners in History school programs, (hands-on, living history interpretive programs) and Monday Mornings at the Museum, (a summer history craft program) geared for children where the children experience butter making, candle making, tin punching, quill writing, corn husk doll creation, and more. For the public we offer Open House Sundays, Friday Night Lecture Series, exhibits, community dances and our hands-on history workshops.