Readington Community Theatre

When Readington Community Theatre (RCT) was established in Readington Township in 2007, it chose as its logo a burgundy-colored hot air balloon, decorated with the age-old symbols of theatre – comedy and tragedy masks. Since 1963, Readington has been known as the site of the annual “Festival of Ballooning”, held at Solberg Airport. The festival attracts visitors from far and wide, and the theatre wished to identify with this well-known symbol associated with the township.

In its early years, the RC Theatre used the auditoriums in township schools and the Rockaway Reformed Church as venues for presentation of plays and music concert events. In 2011, the RCT reached agreement with the Polish American Citizens Club (PACC) to use its banquet hall to present shows. RCT presented shows at the PACC through 2019, before agreeing to present their 2020 production of Lend Me a Tenor at Stanton Ridge Golf and Country Club.

Twice yearly, spring and fall, the RCT assembles a crew of volunteers who convert our performance venue/banquet room into a real, working theatre. The conversion is remarkable, requiring significant engineering, design and construction expertise. Set and stage materials including riser platforms, wall flats, lighting and sound equipment, costumes and props are stored at a nearby barn owned by the Township of Readington.

To entertain our community by presenting accessible live theatre within minutes of our homes, while providing inclusive opportunities for everyone who’s interested in theatre to participate in the productions of our shows.

A community that celebrates our diverse backgrounds and beliefs, bonded together on the strength and power of live theatre