James Kelewae

James Kelewae is a muralist from New Jersey. Born outside Philadelphia and raised in the Quad Cities and Chicago, he has lived on the East Coast for most of his adult life. A graduate of SVA’s Illustration Department, and member of Albus Cavus and S.A.G.E. Artist Collectives. Cn be seen across New Jersey, also in Yonkers, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Washington, DC, and Chicago, IL. His art has been shown in numerous Galleries across the US, to mention a few the Micro Museum in Brooklyn, NY, Flat Iron Building and Art Gallery Kafe in Chicago, IL,Guerilla Gallery in Newark, NJ and Gallery 125 in Trenton, NJ. Known for his illustrative style in portraiture and interlacing bold colorful designs, draws inspiration from the Celtic art of the monks of Iona and other Arabesque ornamentation, folk art from around the world, the Expressionists of the 20th Century, and many contemporary street and aerosol artists.