Frenchtown-Uhlerstown Bridge

This six span Warren truss bridge of through design and riveted steel construction, links the people and communities of the Delaware River valley. Weighing in a whopping 534 tons of steel, at 950 feet long and 19′ wide the bridge is a place of contemplation, inspiration, and connection. It is featured in photographs, paintings, stories, memories, and community traditions – including the Frenchtown Memorial Day parade, when the town joints together on the bridge to commemorate the men and women who served their country, with a ceremony that includes the playing of taps, a gun salute, the release of a memorial boat, and a bi-plane flying overhead and releasing flowers into the water. It is also a place to observe nature and the amazing diversity of wildlife that call the bridge home, from spiders who spin their webs multiple layers deep, to the swallows, like tiny fighter pilots skimming the water as they feast on insects, and returning to their nests under the bridge at sunset.