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Bonnie A. Berkowitz

Philosophy Whether through individual or group therapy, mentoring, supervision, workshop or in classroom setting, I am interested in helping my clients/students to create an inspired life, using the creative process to illuminate insight, express thoughts and feelings in a visual way, and to learn how to use the art making process as a pathway to deepened self -awareness. The artwork becomes a coping skill, a strengthening of the self, and assistant to the journey and struggle, to identify the needs of the soul. And thus, be able to live a more satisfied life, working towards and fulfilling life’s goals and desires. Depression, grief/loss, struggles with relationships are all roadmaps that, through the use of the creative process, (art manifesting thoughts and feelings in a symbolic way) provide the creative, therapeutic information through the imagery, that when investigated into the deep nature of the many layers of meaning, helps to connect insight with action, as merely acquiring insight, does not necessarily manifest into achieving desired goals, but the art process gives us just that, a way to begin, and the parallel of altering and working with the art materials provides a safe place to move towards change, because we can see it outside of ourselves. Also, it is important to consider all aspects of the life, body, mind and spirit, to see ourselves, as complicated and multi-layered, and through the creative process do we often find the answers revealed about ourselves, along with strengths. These are then applied to the creation of a new lens with which to see themselves and the world around them, and the world of possibilities. Using the “artistic” brings objectivity and clarity to view the subjective and sometimes cloudy nature of ourselves. There are always new possibilities, and the art process leads us to those discoveries.

Brandi Megan Granett

I am a novelist, short story writer, and mentor to other writers.

Brent Kelly's Restorations and Creations

Antique restorations and custom creations focusing on reusing and repurposing discarded items and incorporating raw, live edge, and rough sawn materials. Custom furniture and all woodworking needs filled upon request.

Brew 362

Brew 362 is a cafe offering coffee and eats from local purveyors. We strive to maintain sustainability and respect for the environment and source from like minded vendors. Our space is nearly 300 years old, quaint and comfortable, and is a perfect meeting place for breakfast, lunch and great coffee (among other things)!

Brokaw Photography

Brokaw Photography provides photography for businesses and individuals, photography workshops and also orchestrates projects and shows with large and small groups of other photographers.

Brokaw Photography Studio

Brokaw Photography Studio is located in the heart of Frenchtown and offers approximately 800 square feet of open space that can be used for small concerts, temporary exhibits, films and meetings.

Brutherford Industries

A nimble Design and manufacturing firm lead by an award-winning industrial designer with 15+ years of experience, 85 patents and hundreds of successful products on the market that translate to over $100 million in sales. Comprehensive knowledge of the intersection of business and design, leveraging aesthetics, a passion for process, and an extensive knowledge of manufacturing to create effective, efficient, and reliable products and systems. Experienced in building and managing creative and manufacturing teams. 15+ years of experience with digital 3D software and rapid prototyping. 20+ years of experience within a traditional shop environment. Specialty knowledge of design and manufacturing for thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers. Extensive experience with injection, compression and blow molding. Grew from junior designer to creative executive during 10 years in a corporate environment before making the transition to a full time consultant and educator. Thriving in the areas where design and manufacturing overlap with an impressive collection of knowledge about materials, industrial processes and technology used in the design process. As a graduate of the Industrial Design program at Pratt Institute, holds a deep appreciation of form and the creative process married with vast technical knowledge. Product design and development, manufacture specification and sourcing, brand identification and development, creative management, new studio setup, education in the new product development process and technology in the design process.

Califon Train Station / Califon Historical Society

The 1875 railroad station is the headquarters and museum of the Califon Historical Society. Located in the heart of Califon’s National Register Historic Site District, the station was constructed of locally quarried stone by town volunteers.

Carol Krickus

Fragrant balsam fir pillows, handmade using reclaimed interior design fabrics and trim.

Caroline Scutt

Author of both fiction and nonfiction. Young Adult novel, Some Girls, published in 2012 and Frenchtown, NJ, History Along the River published in2015. Travel and general interest in a variety of magazines and newspapers

carpediem art gallery

Fine art, sculpture, and pottery from artists around the world. Art consultation and go between patron and artist.

Catherine Bucco Photography

Multifaceted and innovative Photographer specializing in professional photography services including commercial, portraiture, and events.

Catherine Lent Design

Catherine offers all-natural henna body art for private appointments and events as well as at festivals, creates calligraphic limited edition and other fine art prints, and hand-marbles paper for bookbinding and fine stationery. Catherine teaches private lessons in calligraphy and henna, group classes in several disciplines, and offers creative business consulting.

Catherine Suttle

My paintings reflect the influence of painters and movements of the mid-1900s. Abstract Expressionism encouraged me to seek what was authentic; the Post Painterly Abstractionists attracted me because of their work’s monumental quality. Milton Avery’s paintings, which do not fit these categories, influence me most of all through their confident composition, gentle clumsy quality and inspiring color combinations. Recently, I was lucky enough to see a show of Richard Diebenkorn’s New Mexico paintings. Those paintings make me want to paint! My approach to painting evolved over more than a decade of making clay sculpture. When working with clay, I was fascinated with the innate qualities of the material. I used color in the form of sprayed oxides to accentuate its form, allowing the clay’s natural behavior to take over. This way of working relinquishes some control over my medium allowing a release of energy to be captured in the work and the beauty of the world to be shown, even what is considered bad or ugly, the possibility of existence without pretense.

Christyl Cusworth Paintings Conservator

Christyl Cusworth Paintings Conservator LLC is a Full service Fine Art Conservation Studio Located in Lambertville NJ. We specialize in the conservation and restorative treatment of fine paintings, murals and some objects.

Constance Bassett

I divide my time between being an owner partner in Moorland Studios. A conservation and design company who repairs, rebuilds and maintains outdoor sculpture and a studio artist sculptor and painter.

Covered Bridge Artisans

WHEN: November 24-26/yearly.
At Ginny Napurano Cultural Arts Center. Visit six open artists studios and ten artists in the Sergeantsville Cultural Arts Center. A free, self-guided tour in southern Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

Crafting Space with Kelly Grace

Crafting Space with Kelly Grace is a Paper Flower and Crafting Studio in the lovely riverfront town of Frenchtown, NJ. There we make beautiful botanical creations from sustainable materials such as paper and wood that last and are always in season! Whether it be for your special event such as your wedding, birthday, anniversary, or to wear as a fashion accessory, or display as a home decor item, your handcrafted item is completely color and size customizable. We also share our love of paper floral creations via Workshops and Clubs both in our studio and in the community! Paper Flowers are an entertaining way to celebrate a ladies night out, birthday, or even a great avenue with which to explore your creativity! Come see us for: • Your Wedding florals, including bouquets, boutonnieres, arches, arrangements • Bouquet recreations in either hand tied or container arrangement form. • Home Decor such as wreaths, arrangements, framed flowers, garland, and so much more • A La Cart and Ready to Arrange Flowers • Your next ladies night out or child’s birthday party • Workshops, clubs, camps.

Creative Frequencies

Join our sound healing meditation practice to cultivate lasting serenity, balance and harmony. CREATIVE FREQUENCIES fuses the richness of ancient sacred sound healing instruments with their own experimental contemporary technique. Each session builds your ability to manage stress and increase resilience through activating the body’s electromagnetic intelligence. The “Sound Bath” immerses you in the soothing frequencies of Crystal Singing Bowls, the Flower of Life Gong, Planetary Chakra drums, lightly guided imagery, aromatherapy, and high vibration Kundalini Crystals. People experience such things as being able to meditate, pain relief, expanding their imagination, opening up of their hearts and finding higher guidance. Your Guides; Kirt Thoren and Laura McClanahan of Creative Frequencies, Certified Sound Healers.